1990 Rosenblatt Recipient

John R. Roth

B.A., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of Biology, Adjunct Professor of Cellular, Viral and Molecular Biology

Professor Roth came to the faculty from Berkeley in 1976 because of the opportunities the university presented to integrate undergraduate teaching and research. He has subsequently set a standard for excellence within the Department of Biology. He is internationally distinguished in genetics research, and has taught an elementary genetics course for many years, which is regarded as a showpiece. He took part in a course in advanced bacterial genetics and genetic engineering at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory that attracted a wide variety of students from across the country. He was instrumental in developing academic collaboration between the College of Science and the School of Medicine, leading to the establishment of a combined Graduate Program in Molecular Biology, which is now a national model.

Professor Roth is a previous recipient of the university's Distinguished Research Award, and in 1987 received the first annual Governor's Medal for Science and Technology in the State of Utah. A year later he was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences. A letter of nomination for the Rosenblatt Prize says in part: "His teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level (is) a standard that we would all be most happy to achieve. His selfless caring for his students, his colleagues and his science give him the mantle of natural leadership…"

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