1993 Rosenblatt Recipient

Raymond L. White

B.S., Ph.D., Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Human Genetics, Chair of the Department of Oncological Sciences, Director of the Huntsman Cancer Institute

Revolutionizing the study of human genetics as it applies to the diagnosis of disease, Professor White pioneered a method to identify unknown genes responsible for inherited diseases. This technique is widely useful and has applications ranging from forensics to population and evolutionary studies, to the discovery of disease genes. Since 1983, when Professor White provided experimental evidence for a fundamental mechanism underlying tumor development, he has been engaged in defining the genetic basis of cancer.

Because of his worldwide reputation, Professor White has attracted and trained a large number of outstanding graduate and postdoctoral students. He is generous with his knowledge and resources and advocate for building bridges between clinical and basic research groups. He was co-founder of the Department of Human Genetics and of the Human Molecular Biology and Genetics Program, where students can study the molecular and genetic basis of inherited diseases and investigate genetic mechanisms underlying normal and abnormal physiological processes.

Among his honors are the General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Charles P. Mott Prize, one of the highest honors in cancer research. In addition, he received the Allan Award of the American Society of Human Genetics and was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

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