2003 Rosenblatt Recipient

Sung Wan Kim

Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering, Director for the Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery

Dr. Kim is a pioneer in designing polymers for use in the precise delivery of medicines to needed areas of the human body. Since the 1970s, he has made significant contributions in the areas of biomaterials and drug delivery, and was one of the first of the world's researchers to consider using biomaterials for drug delivery. He belongs to a select group of professionals who hold dual memberships of the National Academies (National Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Medicine).

Dr. Kim's early work in blood-compatible polymer research assisted in the design of a polyurethane total artificial heart, which has been implanted in humans. His breakthrough work on protein absorption and platelet adhesion on polymer surfaces is regarded as one of the most important accomplishments in biomaterials research. Dr. Kim's current research includes the design of polymeric carriers for therapeutic gene delivery.


Dr. Kim earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry from Seoul National University in Korea. He earned a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Utah in 1969 and has been with the university ever since. Dr. Kim also founded the International Symposium on Recent Advances in Drug Delivery, held biennially in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1983.

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