1999 Rosenblatt Recipient

C. Dale Poulter

B.S., Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, John A. Widtsoe Professor of Chemistry

The innovative research of preeminent chemist C. Dale Poulter has transformed the terrain of organic chemistry, leading him to become the world's foremost expert in the biosynthesis of isoprenoid compounds, an area of research important to coronary heart disease and cancer. Yet this world-class researcher is also known by his students to be a dedicated, effective, and articulate teacher. Dr. Poulter has supervised the research of more than 200 undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral colleagues.

The internationally recognized chemist is a Louisiana native. He graduated from Louisiana State University and the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his doctorate in chemistry in 1967. Following his post-doctoral work at University of California at Los Angeles, Dr. Poulter moved to the University of Utah's nationally-renowned Department of Chemistry to accept a tenured post.

A university faculty member since 1969, Dr. Poulter is currently serving as chair of the Department of Chemistry. In 1995, he was named the John A. Widtsoe Professor of Chemistry, an honor awarded by the university to assure important support for his outstanding work. He has held several prestigious fellowships and has received the American Chemical Society's Ernest Guenther Award and the Cope Scholar Award.

Dr. Poulter is the author and co-author of nearly 200 scientific publications. He has served on the editorial boards of many prominent scientific journals and consults widely with pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Recognized worldwide for his work, Dr. Poulter has lectured at the most prestigious universities in the United States and abroad, speaking to audiences and top governmental laboratories in Japan, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, and Mexico. In 1991, Dr. Poulter had the distinctive honor of speaking at the Nobel Conference in Sweden.

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